Poetry in Motion : Designing textual experiences for virtual environments

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With virtual reality headsets like HTC Vive, Sony’s Project Morpheus, Microsoft HoloLens, and Facebook’s Oculus Rift firmly on the horizon and approaching at speed, there’s a lot to be excited about. These headsets and the subsequent plethora of input accessories being developed around them provide a way to interact more naturally with immersive 3D virtual environments. For gamers VR technology will be, ahem, game changing. For film and television it could end up being a novelty or, if the technology to properly capture VR footage is fully realized, it could reshape the industry. What hasn’t been discussed as much is how it might impact the way we browse the net.  Read More


Where is the killer app builder?

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I’m going to sound old, and also weird, but it has to be said…deep breath…I miss Flash. Actually, Flash sucked but it’s the nearest thing I can mention that some people will remember. To sound older and weirder, I miss Macromedia Director. When you’ve finished being outraged/shocked/confused/laughing I shall explain.  Read More

Stuck in a stupid loop

Hyperbolic language, click-bait and the degrading of the net

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There is a simulation program from the 70’s called Conway’s Game of Life, where you position cells on a grid then watch them evolve following a simple set of rules. The patterns created become increasingly complex and ever changing, and can eventually resolve into hypnotic repeating forms and loops. The evolution of any system is shaped by its environment, it’s rules. This is why the current state of the internet is troubling.  Read More